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30.04.2020 Interview with Rainer Isenrich, published on, Thursday, 30.04.2020

«Institutional investors started buying solar plants»

Rainer Isenrich is not only CEO and president of the board of Edisun Power, he's also a pioneer in solar power and convinced of its bright future. As he explains in this interview, investor's appetite for solar plants is growing but finding the surfaces to build them isn't trivial, a problem where startups like Insolight might be able to help..... 

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Interview with Rainer Isenrich
28.03.2020 Vienna / Aachen, Saturday, 28.03.2020

Change in photovoltaic index PPVX

The solar share index PPVX has had a new composition since 27 March. Edisun Power and China Singyes replace Motech and Terraform. 

Read the whole press release from Max Deml, Editor-in-Chief of Öko-Invest and Jochen Siemer, Editor of PHOTON?

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