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12.12.2009 Advertisement-Campaign WWF
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This advertisement has bee been published in the following Newspapers:
NZZ                             12.12.2009, 16.12.2009
Handelszeitung           16.12.2009
Sonntagszeitung         13.12.2009
Le Temps                    12.12.2009, 16.12.2009

Inserat WWF 2009

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09.12.2009 From investor to impassioned CEO - 9.12.2009 - Handelszeitung (p. 23)
"I like challenges," says Mirjana Blume with a smile. What might sound hackneyed from most male executives at this level has the ring of authenticity when she says it.
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01.12.2009 "In future solar power will cost the same as traditional electricity" - 1.12.2009 - Derivative Partners (pp. 28-29)"
Ms Blume, can you briefly describe Edisun Power?
Edisun Power develops, finances and operates solar power plants. In other words, when it comes to facilities, we are involved in both development and financing. We do not actually construct facilities, we outsource that part of the business. In addition, we operate solar power plants, once standing, during their entire lifespan.
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07.10.2009 Schnellstarterin - 7.10.2009 - Finanz und Wirtschaft (S.12)
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24.08.2009 Interview with Mirjana Blume, CEO Edisun Power Europe AG - 24.08.2009 - Cash
The interview is only available in German

Source: CASH by Ringier, 24.08.2009