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Here you will find all news of the Edisun Power Group in chronological order, i.e. ad hoc announcements with facts relevant to the share price as well as press releases. If you are only looking for ad hoc announcements pursuant to Art. 53 of the Listing Rules, you will find them under Investors.

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Edisun Power bond issue attracts strong interest at almost CHF 35 million

The CHF 20 million bond with a five-year term (December 1, 2022 – November 30, 2027) and a 3% interest rate issued on August 26, 2022 has met with extremely great interest among both existing and new investors...

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New solar plant of 23 MW starts solar power production

  • The Edisun Power Group has connected another 23.4 MW plant in Portugal to the grid.


The connection of the plant "Betty" increases the total installed solar production capacity of Edisun Power to 107.1 MW. The additional annual electricity production is estimated at over 41’000 MWh...

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Time-lapse video of the construction of the large-scale PV plant Betty in Portugal

26.08.2022 2022 semi-annual annual result:
Record profit with positive outlook

  • Revenue growth of 8% to CHF 9.23 million (+14.7% in local currency)
  • Net profit increase to CHF 6.19 million (+144.3%)
  • High unrealized currency gains on euro-denominated loans
  • New bond with 3% interest as of 1 December 2022

The sales revenue and in particular net profit of the Edisun Power Group were increased significantly in the first half of the year. The strong performance is largely attributable to improved income from electricity sales as well as productivity and currency gains. Edisun Power is working actively with its strategic partner on the further development of the purchased solar project rights totaling 940 MW. A further plant with 23.4 MW will be connected to the grid in October.....

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Time-lapse video of the construction of the large-scale PV plant Betty in Portugal

04.07.2022 Focus on proactive "buy-and-sell" portfolio management

Capital increase not being implemented at present
The Board of Directors of Edisun Power Europe Ltd. has decided not to implement the planned capital increase at present. This decision is linked to the recently adjusted strategy of proactive "buy-and-sell" portfolio management and the progress in its implementation. The Board of Directors believes that in the current environment – particularly also in view of the energy policy situation in Europe – an inflow of funds via project sales is considerably more attractive. The assessment of the situation by the Board of Directors concerning both the need for and scope of a capital increase in the second half of the year will be based on the progress of implementation of the new business model achieved by then.....

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02.05.2022 Edisun Power announces mid-term targets

Building on a solid foundation and strong outlook in its core business, Edisun Power has defined an ambitious expansion plan along two key business activities: its existing Independent Power Producer (IPP) business and a pro-active asset management with the new "buy-and-sell" business.

With a pipeline of 940 MW of projects and the need to accelerate its completion and to finance its construction, Edisun Power has announced on 25th March this year an extension of its existing "buy-and-hold" with a "buy-and-sell" business model. This balanced approach of combining stable cash-flows from the sale of renewable energy with high-margin profits from the sale of project rights, will create additional value from an ecological and economical viewpoint.......

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22.04.2022 Shareholders approve all proposals

The Annual General Meeting of Edisun Power Europe Ltd. took place today. It was held without the physical presence of shareholders at the company’s headquarters. All proposals of the Board of Directors were approved with a large majority. The independent proxy represented 427 shareholders with a total of 822'116 votes, which is equivalent to 79.4% of the share capital. Horst H. Mahmoudi (Chairman), Fulvio Micheletti, Reto Klotz, José Luis Chorro López and Marc Klingelfuss were reelected to the Board of Directors for another term of office of one year. The shareholders approved a dividend from capital contribution reserves of CHF 1.10 per share, which will be paid out on April 28, 2022......

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25.03.2022 2021 annual result:
Record results, electricity production and pipeline significantly expanded

  • Revenue up 38.8% to CHF 17.16 million (+37.3% in local currency)
  • EBITDA up 49.9% to CHF 13.04 million
  • Net profit up 36.9% to CHF 4.51 million
  • Electricity production up 152.8% to 120'254 MWh
  • PV pipeline significantly expanded by 783.6 MW to 940.6 MW
  • Stable dividend of CHF 1.10/share proposed
  • Proposal of the Board of Directors for an ordinary capital increase of up to CHF 150 million
  • Extension of the business model and increase of the future dividend

2021 was a record year for Edisun Power in various respects: new peaks were achieved across the board financially, in production terms the connection of the large-scale Mogadouro plant in Portugal (49.0 MW) took solar power production to new levels, the second Portuguese large-scale plant, Betty (23.4 MW), is under construction and strong growth is also expected in the future with the acquisition of further PV projects totaling 783.6 MW. The Board of Directors recommends to the General Meeting payment of an unaltered dividend of CHF 1.10 per share. The main focus for Edisun Power is the further development and construction of the pipeline and its financing. To this end the Board of Directors proposes a substantial share capital increase of up to CHF 150 million.....

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