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Here you will find all news of the Edisun Power Group in chronological order, i.e. ad hoc announcements with facts relevant to the share price as well as press releases. If you are only looking for ad hoc announcements pursuant to Art. 53 of the Listing Rules, you will find them under Investors.

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30.12.2020 First Portuguese large-scale plant starts commercial operation
On December 30, the 49 MW plant Mogadouro, the Edisun Power Group’s largest photovoltaic plant so far, was connected to the Portuguese electricity grid. Thanks to the successful conclusion of this development project, the Group is on track with its growth strategy and ready for further growth.......

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Time-lapse movie on construction:

Aerial view of the Mogadouro plant:
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Photo of the 42 MVA transformer (30/60 kV) of the Mogadouro plant: Download as JPG

21.08.2020 2020 semi-annual result:
Half-year results in line with expectations despite challenging environment

  • Revenue down 11% to CHF 6.41 million
  • Net profit drops by 17% to CHF 1.36 million
  • Profit forecast of CHF 2.8 million confirmed for 2020
  • Implementation of Portuguese projects on track with only minor delays
The Edisun Power Group generated solid results during the first half of the current year amid a challenging environment. As expected, income was lower year over year due to the COVID-19-related decline in electricity prices and weak euro exchange rates. The recent rebound in electricity prices, however, means that higher revenues can be expected during the second half of the year. The profit forecast of CHF 2.8 million remains intact. The Group looks to the future with optimism. Despite the ongoing pandemic, the implementation of the new Portuguese projects is on track with only minor delays. This means that a return to the growth trajectory can be expected from 2021 onward.......

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24.04.2020 Annual General Meeting approves all proposals

The Annual General Meeting of Edisun Power Europe Ltd. took place today. Owing to the ordinance adopted by the Swiss Federal Council to fight COVID-19, it was held without the physical presence of shareholders at the company’s headquarters. All proposals of the Board of Directors were approved with a large majority.......

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26.03.2020 2019 annual result:
Record results and crucial strategic decisions

  • Revenue growth of 3% to CHF 14.26 million
  • EBITDA increased 1% to CHF 10.34 million
  • Net profit increased 18% to CHF 3.60 million
  • Proposal to raise dividend from capital contribution reserves by 10% to CHF 1.10 per share
By purchasing a 206 MW photovoltaic project pipeline and successfully carrying out a capital increase of over CHF 50 million, Edisun Power has made some crucial strategic decisions in 2019 to set course for the future. From a financial perspective, the year under review was also concluded very positively. Thanks primarily to first-time income from the project development business, another record profit of CHF 3.60 million was achieved despite lower electricity prices. The dividend is to be raised 10% to CHF 1.10 per share in light of these encouraging developments.......

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